St. Mark’s School

Southborough, Massachusetts

I created this course this spring to guide our HS faculty in the development of Canvas courses using DesignPLUS for the dynamic year of hybrid learning ahead. DesignPLUS was an essential part of the success of this course. The templates allowed me to select a design and layout that was impressive and polished while also being clear, clean, and accessible. Because we were new to DesignPlus and the onboarding process happened as I was designing and writing the course, I partnered with Micah Murdock (on the recommendation of Cidi Labs) to build the course in Canvas. He not only helped me create the beautiful finished product but also taught me how to use DesignPLUS and deploy templates in a way that made the onboarding process far easier for our faculty. I invite you to check out the course, which I made a copy of and made open to other educators and schools to share in our learning and design process.

Link to course:

St. Mark’s School is a coeducational, Episcopal, preparatory school founded in 1865 and located about 25 miles from Boston.

Colleen Worrell
Director of the Center, History and Social Sciences Faculty