St. Dominic’s College

Sydney, Australia

This is a Canvas module for Stage 4 Technology students focusing on agriculture and food technologies, based on the NSW Technology Mandatory unit. This module grew rapidly during the Covid-19 forced lockdown of our school, and it is designed to cover content on both the agricultural process and cooking processes – the students adopt and manage a small garden here at school and then use the ingredients to cook.

Without DesignPLUS there is no way I could have ever learned enough, quickly enough to make our Canvas pages interesting, engaging, and themed as we do. My knowledge of CSS was so limited and, now thanks to DesignPLUS, it can stay that way!;)

The sudden lockdown/online learning brought on by Covid-19 forced us to change so much of what we did. However, being a Canvas school certainly helped our students and our teachers stay focussed and I can guarantee that DesignPLUS was the tool that enabled even our most hesitant teachers to feel comfortable creating amazing pages and resources for their students.

Since being back in the classroom, the learning has not stopped – so many teachers are now delving deeper and deeper into all the fun, amazing things DesignPLUS can help them create. I look forward to the updates and love sharing the new developments with my colleagues.

St Dominic’s College is an independent Roman Catholic secondary day school for boys, established in 1959 under the Christian Brothers.

Jennifer Walsh
Digital Learning and Innovation Coordinator