Redhill Education

Sydney, Australia

We are a huge user of DesignPLUS to deploy templates to standardise our designs. In particular, we love the Tabbed Navigation “Hidden Gem” feature that allows us to dynamically generate links between our content pages based on their design in the module view.

During COVID we purchased Canvas Studio from Instructure. We needed, however, a way to build quickly and deploy a course that informed our staff of the capabilities of this new tool. Our challenge? All staff are now remote making a face-to-face training session impossible. So it was a Canvas course to the rescue.

On top of this, it was critical that the course “sell” the tool to our staff. This made it important that the content looked polished and “schmick”. However, I also am incredibly time-poor in the chaos of all the changes that COVID was forcing us to make. Thankfully it was Cidi Labs DesignTools to the rescue! The course you see was built using templates in just one afternoon!

You can view the live course here:

Redhill Education operates a number of specialist businesses in the private tertiary education market in Australia.

Julian Ridden
Head of Online Learning