Dixie State University

St. George, Utah

For a long time, we were attempting to use the native Canvas stylesheet and limited CSS capabilities to create our own custom designs for pages in Canvas.  This endeavor was time consuming and required lots of work within the Canvas not-so-user-friendly HTML editor.  It’s difficult to express how excited we were to acquire DesignPLUS!  It took this difficult process and made it a snap.  Plus, it allowed for further customization than was possible before.  We are very happy with the way it allows us to style the pages the way we want, and also makes it easier for professors to do the same.  In this particular course, MKTG 3900, we wanted a very modern feel like you might see on a retail website.  Beginning with a theme from Design Tools and then adding in a custom stylesheet, including classes that pull in Google Fonts as font-family attributes, we were able to achieve a beautiful layout that we’re proud to share with students.  Having a high quality visual design in the course increases its trustworthiness and credibility in the eyes of students.

Dixie State University is a public open-enrollment teaching institution with 200 academic programs at one of the lowest tuition costs in the Western United States.

Ethan Deceuster
Learning Design Project Manager