Boise, Idaho

This submission is a compilation of pages from various courses created for a recent project with DesignPLUS. Task: Can we create 16 courses in just 3 months? Sounds impossible right? But, it wasn’t. Why? Because of DesignPLUS! All of the courses were developed ahead of schedule. 

I have been using CidiLabs for just about 5 years now and can not imagine having to design without it. The tools simplify the process and save oodles of time. From the multi-tool to the upload and embed image feature, oh and let’s not forget that awesome toolbox with everything from themes and content blocks to HTML snippets and course navigation tools – DesignPLUS is amazing!

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Athlos provides a diverse portfolio of Edtech offerings for K12 schools.

Tina Swanton
Digital Content Manager / Instructional Designer